Competitive shooting is something a girl who grew up in southern West Virginia knows a little something about. Brittany Long is from Mercer County and ever since she can remember, she has been around guns.

Growing up with several family members in law enforcement, she always knew she wanted to go into that career field. Long is no stranger to competing against boys in any sport, having played football when she was younger. 

“When I first started all the matches I shot in where just a bunch of grown men and I was the only little girl, the only junior shooter, the only female shooter,” Long said. “So that hasn’t been different for me ever. It’s just fun to see when I actually beat them sometime, the look on their faces.” 

At the young age of 12, Long started competing in three gun shooting competitions.

“I saw it on TV. I thought that looks really cool and I thought that is kind of unattainable because I saw all these jerseys. I saw all these sponsored shooters and pros,” Long said. “Then I went to a big match and I saw all these pros shooting and I saw a lot of women and I saw young women, and I thought you know I could do that to.” 

Long said shooting is the most welcoming sport she has participated in, and everyone is always willing to help. She tells girls to go for it if this is something they are interested in.

“It’s been a fun ride,” Long said. “People are always willing to help you. It’s not like any other sport where you play basketball and you forgot your shoes and the other team is not going to lend you their shoes or like an extra jersey or anything.”