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A dangerous intersection in Beckley is causing drivers to question how safe it really is.

That intersection is the one on Eisenhower and Brookshire. Allstate agent, Jeremy Miller, said it’s not uncommon to look out of his window and see a car accident; or a near miss. His office overlooks like intersection so he says he’s normally the first to see when something happens. 

“There’s tire screeching, horns blowing everyday that we’re here,” Miller said.

Miller told 59 News, this is an extremely busy road and is worried about the safety of the people who drive down it every day. He has been working at that office since 2006 and said there’s been a number of problems there day in and day out.

“A couple days ago we had an accident, there’s always glass and car parts when we take care of the lawn and stuff, we’re always picking up stuff,” Miller said.

Miller said he hopes there is something that can be done about the intersection once and for all, even if that means it has to go.

“I don’t even know why we just don’t close that intersection down and utilize the one with the stop light which turns onto the road we’ve been spending all the money on, the bypass. I think that just makes more sense.” Miller explained.

Beckley Fire Department has responded to a number of calls there. Firefighters told 59 News, it is a busy intersection so drivers need to be more cautious. Lt. Rick Fisher, said overall it boils down to the way people drive.

“As your driving, you’re supposed to be focused on the road and the other drivers around you. A lot of people are only focused on their car and how fast you can get from point A to point B,” Fisher said.

Firefighters also explained the traffic on this intersection is just going to get worse with soccer starting at the YMCA soccer fields soon. They recommend people be precautious and do the speed limit around that area. 

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