Thousands of hunters are starting to hit the woods for the start of Spring Gobbler season.

Spring is here and so are the turkeys. The Spring Gobbler season is prime time for hunters to get out in warmer weather and enjoy the outdoors. The season began on Monday, April 15.

Division of Natural Resources officer, Captain  W.W Brogan III, explained there is nothing like hunting during Spring. 

“When you are out turkey hunting and you are sitting there before daylight and the sun is starting to come up; the birds are starting to chirp, the owls are starting to hoot, the turkeys are gobbling, it is a very special time, especially in the mountains of West Virginia,” Brogan said. 

The bag limit for this season is two bearded turkeys; anything more than that is illegal. Captain Brogan wants to remind everyone to be safe and smart while in the woods. 

“The main thing is to always identify your target,” Brogan said. 

He also said all the hunters are out there wearing camoflauge and can be hard to see. Before shooting make sure you know exactly what you are shooting at so there are no accidents.

Spring Gobbler season ends Saturday, May 11. Also, if you have any information on suspected poaching activity, contact your district office. For more information you can visit