Driving safer in wintry conditions with low visibility

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Reduced visibility is one of the biggest hazards that snowfall presents to drivers. If strong winds are present, snow can be blown directly into the a drivers windshield, making it hard to see other cars and the road regardless of how heavy the snow is.

Jamie Whilhite, the Regional Coordinator with the Governor’s Highway Safety Office, told 59News when visibility goes down, a person’s ability to drive safely decreases as well. He said he recommends drivers to take it slow and avoid panicking when they cannot see well.

“I would recommend increasing your following distance.” Whilhite said. “If you do see another vehicle in front of you, slow down a little bit and give them plenty of room incase something happens to that vehicle. And also, pedestrians, bicyclists, anything like that. Just slow down and avoid distractions whenever you’re operating a vehicle.”

Of course, checking up on the car before heading out in the dangerous conditions, is just as important as paying attention on the road. 

“Make sure all your lights are working- headlights, taillights, blinkers, brake lights, that way if you are slowing down or approaching another vehicle, you’re visible to them.” Whilhite said. “You want your car clear, you want your windshield clear, you back your back windshield clear so you can see.”

It is also a good idea to start your car a few minutes prior to hitting the road, in order to help melt any snow or ice on the windshield.

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