Family business specializes in turning hunting game into tasty dinner

Raleigh County

While some hunters like to hang their prize bucks on their walls, others like to eat them off their plates. This is not the average butcher shop.

Hunter’s Choice LLC in Shady Spring is a family business, where 16-year-old, Parker Redden, learned the art of processing deer meat from his father, Gary Redden.

“My dad started this business in 2002 with a little dog hook to hold the deer with and now it’s grown to about 400 deer in a buck season,” Parker Redden said. “I cut my first deer when I was six so he taught me how to cut the deer properly and skin it properly, and I pretty much did everything with my deer from there on.”

He definitely does not work alone. While Mrs. Redden manages the orders and front desk, Parker has the help of his friends on the baseball team, or from his uncles and cousin that live right next door when his dad is not around.

“That was the whole purpose of when we started this was wanting to help the family out,” Gary Redden said. “A little bit of financial assistance, but then having the whole family working is pretty cool and it’s me my son my wife and my brother.”

All of them stay busy. Hunters drop off their game and expect to have it returned to them as dinner. The boys work fast and can skin one deer in up to five minutes.

Once the deer is skinned and quartered, it is cleaned and put through a grinder or tenderizer.

Hunters have the option of getting their deer back as anything from jerky to tenderloin. The Redden’s also recently expanded on their family business after taking over Spuds BBQ in Lewisburg.

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