RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WVNS) — The water crisis has wreaked havoc on many Raleigh County residents. 

Some homes lost water more than a week ago.

But in a time of great need for the community, first responders have answered the call and helped however they can.

At the fire department in Sophia, Chuck Lilly and the Sophia firefighters distributed packs of bottled water to anyone in need and will continue to do so until the water issues come to an end.

“I think it’s a great community thing and it helps tremendously. Because it’s something we need and they’re supplying it,” said Raleigh County Resident Richard Flinkstrom, who lost water on Saturday.

Flinkstrom said the water shortage has forced him to take extreme measures. 

He’s now forced to use bottled water to fill his toilet tank just so he’s able to flush. But using that water to fill his toilet means Flinkstorm has to go without water in other aspects of his life.

“You figure I haven’t taken a bath or shower for three days,” said Flinkstrom. “You know, you begin to feel it after a while.”

But just a few miles down the road, the Lester Fire Department was also going out of its way to help the community.

Since Saturday, the Lester Fire Department has offered free, hot showers from 9 in the morning to 9 at night every day to anyone who needs one.

Firefighter Kenneth Allen, who is also the mayor of Lester, guesses they have had more than 70 people come to use their mobile shower facility in the past three days.

“Each stall is pretty much set up just like a camper shower. You can go in and take your hot shower. We’ve got good water and a nice place to shower,” explained Allen.

The mobile shower unit also includes a washer and dryer folks can use to wash their clothes if needed.