Flood waters cause years of damage to Raleigh County home

Raleigh County

When it rains, people know they need an umbrella. Chuck Tweedie knows when it rains, it means he has clean up flood damage outside his home. “It’s just been nothing but a nightmare for me,” said Tweedie. He has been fighting a losing battle now for the more than 30 years he’s owned this home. Thursday morning floodwater was spilling into the lawn and foundation of this home. Tweedie says his house floods nearly every time it rains because of clogged culvertts in his neighborhood. 

“I been fighting this for over 30 years now. This used to be a cement driveway, now it’s completely washed out, I mean as you can see all the gravel is down in front of the house, I have big ruts in front of my driveway, it’s been nothing but a losing battle,” said Tweedie. He says it’s not just the flood damage that’s hazardous. It’s the drivers who swerve away from the flooded areas of the road who have crashed into the tree in his front lawn. “Oh I’ve seen several of them, I’ve seen people that wrecked up here in that culver, I’ve seen people underneath the vehicles where they’ve gotten repelled out of, I have a dead tree over here where they came and hit that tree,” said Tweedie. Tweedie hopes that the culverts in his neighborhood will be fixed, before his home is washed away. 

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