How To Prevent Getting Sick At Work

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When you’re sick, doctors recommend limiting the amount of exposure you have with others, but in the workplace that may be hard.

Although you may not think your spreading an infection with your coworkers, that may not be the case. A lot of illnesses are spread through touching the same common things that everyone else at work uses. That’s why doctors said it’s important to keep shared spaces clean.

“Areas that are frequently touched, door knobs, counter tops, computers, phones things like that can be wiped down with alcohol based sanitizers to hopefully kill viruses germs other things like that,” Dr. Kyle Muscari said. 

Cleaning isn’t the only way you can prevent the spread of infection. Doctors said washing your hands with antibacterial soap is very helpful and if you sneeze or cough to cover up. They also said taking vitamins, eating healthy, drinking lots of water can help prevent illness. 
If you think you may have been infected visit your primary care provider before it becomes serious.

“Obviously it’s very important to pay attention to what your body is telling you, your body is your ultimate guide. Physicians and providers can only see certain things so you actually have to tell us what your feeling and how you’re feeling so that’s very important.” Muscari said. 

Doctors recommend if you may be sick to wait 24 to 48 hours prior to coming back to work if you haven’t had a fever. 

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