Keeping tow truck drivers safe during winter weather

Raleigh County

BECKLEY, W.Va (WVNS) – With winter weather often comes slick road conditions where tow companies have to pull cars out of ditches and into safety. 

When there is an accident on the road tow truck drivers are among the first to respond. Winter weather conditions cause icy roads and it’s important for tow truck drivers to remain safe while helping others.  

In order to do that Tedy Gray, a tow truck driver for Glen’s Towing, said he is always keeping an eye on the traffic while doing his job.   

“You’re constantly watching the traffic and watching what you’re doing,” Gray said. 

On Monday, February 5th, while pulling a tractor trailer from the woods on the turnpike, Gray said he requested a lane closure to make sure drivers would see him because sometimes they do not move over.  

“If we didn’t have a lane closure with the move over law, some people decide to forget about us when you’re out there on the side of the road and working” Gray explained. 

With icy roads Gray said when he gets a call to pull a vehicle out of a ditch it is not uncommon to see more fall in with it. That’s why tow truck drivers use their reflectors to make sure other drivers slow down.   

“We’ve been getting them out a few times and have cars come right in with us,” Gray said. 

If a towing vehicle is helping a motorist it is considered an emergency and you do have to move over according to West Virginia Code. Tow truck drivers realize not everyone will do that, so they make sure they take to right safety measures.  

So when you see a tow truck pulled to the side of the road you are supposed to mover over just as you would for first responders in order to insure their safety. 

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