GLEN DANIEL, WV (WVNS) — A historical marker was recently put up to establish the site of the first ever church in Raleigh County.

Located at 105 Claypool Hollow Road in Glen Daniel, the log-built New Hope Meeting House, which was established in 1829, is a part of Guyandotte Church, which was established in 1812.

A petition at the July 1836 Greenbrier Convention was approved for a new church at Coal River Marshes, which at the time was Fayette County, Virginia to become a part of the recent establishments.

Members living east of Guyandotte Mountain were dismissed and a 3-man presbytery were able to establish a new church. The original membership roll, which was made on October 29, 1836, contained 82 signatures.

On December 3, 1836, the church was finally accepted into the Greenbrier Association.

The historical marker can be seen by anyone itching to gather a piece of history in Southern West Virginia.