A Raleigh County parent contacted 59News on Friday, February 22, claiming she has video of a daycare employee forcefully pushing her daughter to the floor in an attempt to get her to lay down. The incident in question, reportedly happened at the Rising Star Day Care in Sophia. 

59 News spoke with Holli Robertson who provided the video. It showed her daughter’s head continuously forced down to the floor in what looks like an effort to make the baby lay down by a Rising Star employee during nap time. At one point in the video you see another Rising Star employee putting their leg over the baby to hold them down. 

Robertson said she normally does not post personal things on social media, but after seeing this video wants to warn other parents to be mindful of who is watching their children. 

“What they were doing to my baby was abuse. Just watch, watch who you take your babies to. And they even have cameras at this daycare. They know people are going to catch them. I don’t know why they don’t care. They just don’t care,” Robertson said. 

Robertson said she has since removed her daughter from the day care. She also said she loves having more time with her daughter and it is hard to find someone to watch her while she goes to work.

“I have to take her to work with me and then I’m late for my second job because I have to get her to somebody that can watch her during the evening cause I can take her to my first job. And all the daycares are full. Everybody is full and now I don’t know what I am going to do,” Robertson said. 

But Robertson said she is not finished. She took the tape to the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department for another look. She said she has other moms with similar concerns and they want something done to ensure the safety of their children.

59 News did reach out to Rising Star in Sophia. They declined to comment on camera and instead gave a statement. They told 59News an investigation was done by the day care center and by Child Protective Services. No abuse was found.