A pack of dogs have residents in Glen White worried after an innocent dog was found dead covered in blood on Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018. “This area needs a lot of prayer, whether you’re walking the street or in their home,” a Glen White Resident, Valerie Wills said.

Wills said vicious dogs have become dangerous in her small town. “We can not control these animals,” Wills said.

Wednesday morning (1/24) Wills woke up to a dog covered in blood who she said was clearly attacked. “It’s just horrible, it’s absolutely horrible. This is a poor innocent dog that’s been well taken care of and those dogs attacked it and killed it,” Wills said.

A dog had to suffer a gruesome attack and residents said no one else should have to. “My concern would be is it could have been a human, someone’s child, even myself,” another resident in the area,” Ray Tate said.

As someone who grew up in Glen White, Tate said the solution is simple. “If people have animals, they should take care of their animals. Not let them run wild or free in fear this can happen,” Tate said.

Tate added the dogs need to be removed from their community and he wants the end result to be fair for everyone. “I would like to see the sheriff’s department do something in the limits of the law, humanely of course,” Tate said.

An officer with Raleigh County Animal Control was on scene and took three dogs to the Raleigh County Humane Society. Those dogs will stay there until authorities decide whether they will be euthanized or given another chance at life.