BECKLEY WV (WVNS) – Google just released its Local Year In Search 2022, which compiles all searches in local areas for the public to see. What did our local area search for the most?

Google groups all of the counties in Southern West Virginia together into Beckley’s zip code area. Searching anywhere in West Virginia’s Southern Counties will give search results for zip code 25801. That means that if you’re in Beckley, Princeton, or Lewisburg, your search results are in the same area.

So what were the results? Google grouped together a couple interesting data points, like the most searched ‘near me’ results, along with most searched animal, music, and more. Here are Southern West Virginia’s 2022 searches:

  • The Beckley, WV area was the only place in the U.S. with new listings with realtors as its top trending “near me” search
  • The Beckley area was the only place in the country that had alligator gar as its top trending animal
  • Of the 3 places that had greenhouses as a top trending “near me” search, the Beckley, WV area searched for it the most. The Lexington, KY and Roanoke, VA areas were runners-up
  • The area’s top trending recipe this year was overnight oats
  • Unsurprisingly, the Beckley, WV area searched for country more than any other music genre

Here are the top 10 searches that included the words ‘near me’ in Southern West Virginia’s area during 2022:

  1. new listings with realtors near me
  2. boutiques near me
  3. n95 mask near me
  4. food that delivers near me
  5. fencing company near me
  6. abandoned places near me
  7. car washes near me
  8. exhaust shops near me
  9. convenience store near me
  10. greenhouses near me

If you want to scroll through the 2022 recap yourself, you can visit Google’s Local Area In Search 2022 right here.