What was once a dead end road, may finally have a destination. 

Governor Jim Justice and the West Virginia Division of Transportation announced on Thursday, April 18, the beginning of a paving project to complete the Coalfields Expressway to Mullens. 

“It will bring manufacturing, tourism, all kinds of different things, and stuff so we gotta connect to the world,” Justice said.

The paving already started and will cover 8.9 miles of a four lane road, and an additional one mile of a two lane road into Mullens. Eventually the road will also go into Pineville and Welch, giving people easier access to these areas. Mullens business owner, Jason Mullins, said this going to make traveling convenient for just about everyone. 
“This highway makes the world a little closer to us, both ways, for us to come home and for people to come visit us,” Mullins said. 

Governor Jim Justice explained this project is long overdue and needs to finally be completed.  

“We have got action, we have got real live action, and that’s what I am all about. I just want to get stuff done, and I can not stand, I mean 29 years, it’s just the most obscenely ridiculous thing that we could ever have done. I mean 29 years, I mean think about that. I mean for crying out loud that road is wearing out,” Justice said. 

Wearing out should not be an issue anymore, given they already started paving. According to the Commissioner of Highways, Jimmy Wriston, the project is set to be completed in October of 2019.

“We are rolling and you can see the result, it is working,” Wriston said.