CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) — The recent record-breaking opioid trial settlement totals more than $160 million, which Attorney General Patrick Morrisey says will directly benefit the Mountain State.

He said Southern West Virginia was hit especially hard by the Opioid Epidemic. Morrisey said money from the settlement will go towards education and resources in the state including regional jail fees.

“We’ll do a needs assessment in every one of the counties across West Virginia and really determine where the needs are most prominent and then you want to target resources to those who need it most,” Morrisey said. “There may be some regions of the state that may need some more beds, there are some regions that may need job retraining, entering the workforce, there’s some regions that need more enforcement because of other opioid problems.”

Morrisey said it is going to be a busy few years but he’s excited to share the settlement with the Mountain State. He added he is glad he took a risk and did not settle early like he was pressured to.