(Stacker) – Every American state has searched its soil for dinosaur fossils, but some states have more old dinosaur bones than others. Anyone lucky enough to stumble on some is likely to strike pay dirt: The world’s most complete T. rex skeleton fetched a record-setting $31.8 million in a 2020 auction.

To determine which states have the most dinosaur fossils, Stacker consulted the Paleobiology Database, a non-profit public resource that brings together fossil records from research institutions around the world. Data is current as of May 2022. We pulled all records labeled “Dinosauria” (the dinosaur clade) and sorted them by state. It is important to note that these records do not comprehensively reflect all dinosaur fossil records in the U.S., but rather represent a sample via the fossils available in public collections.

Read on to see how many dinosaur fossils have been found in your state, or check out the national list here.

West Virginia by the numbers

– Total fossils recorded in PBDB: 1
– Genus with the most fossils: Ectopistes (1 fossil)
– Time period with the most fossils: unknown (1 fossil)

West Virginia has significant amphibian and tetrapod fossils dating back as far as 400 million years ago. The state also has a Megalonyx, which was described by President Thomas Jefferson as the Giant Ground Sloth and today serves as the state fossil.

“Giant ground sloths Megalocnus rodens and Megalonyx wheatleyi at the American Museum of Natural History” by Dallas Krentzel is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

West Virginia is home to the Geological and Economic Survey Museum, where visitors can learn about why there are so few dinosaur fossils: The state’s sedimentary rocks predate dinosaurs, while the state’s Mesozoic rocks have long since eroded along with any fossilized evidence.

Five states—Kentucky, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin—have no dinosaur fossils recorded by the PBDB. These states were mostly below sea level during the time dinosaurs roamed the Earth, leaving little sediment to preserve fossils. Glacial erosion also contributed to the lack of bones.

Along with the most prominent time period, the genus with the most fossils is provided for each slide. A dinosaur’s genus encompasses multiple species with similar characteristics. Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, and Diplodocus are three of the nearly 300 valid dinosaur genera.

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States with the most dinosaur fossils

#1. California: 1,988 total fossils recorded in PBDB
#2. Wyoming: 1,118 total fossils recorded in PBDB
#3. Montana: 940 total fossils recorded in PBDB
#4. New Mexico: 935 total fossils recorded in PBDB
#5. Florida: 895 total fossils recorded in PBDB