PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) – Hot iron was not the only thing struck during Senator Shelley Moore Capito’s visit to the Conn-Welds manufacturing facility.

Senator Capito (R-WV) received a guided tour across the facility where Conn-Weld’s workers fabricate machine parts from raw materials. Capito met with a variety of workers from welders to wire line operators.

Capito said she is pleased with what she has seen.

“A lot of high talent, welding and machinery is going on. I’m really, really proud of the efforts here,” said Capito.

Conn-Weld Industries employs more than 200 people at their Princeton facility.

During the visit, the Senator discussed her efforts to advance legislation that promotes economic growth, unleash the full potential of American energy production, and ensure that West Virginians have access to affordable, reliable high-speed internet.

Senator Capito also took questions from employees while also highlighting her leadership on the bipartisan American Investment in Manufacturing Act. According to Capito, the act will empower businesses to grow, create more jobs, increase wages, and ensure that equipment manufacturers remain competitive in the global economy.

“When you make it here in America, they make it quicker, more custom than they could overseas. It also creates American jobs, West Virginia jobs,” said Capito.

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers is calling on Congress to pass legislation that will lower the cost of financing the critical investments in machinery and equipment.