HINTON, WV (WVNS) – Commissioner Ted Kula announced another broadband project bringing funds to Summers County.

The $3M total project is comprised of a $2.4M award from the Appalachian Regional Commission with a $600K Internet Service Provider match.

This project will build 28 miles of fiber optic network infrastructure to connect 489 homes and 179 businesses to reliable and affordable broadband services in the western and southwestern portion of Summers County.

This broadband project is part of Commissioner Kula’s plan to cover the entire county in fiber. The County Commission is excited to put this project into practice and focus on future successes in not only broadband, but also water, sewer, and economic development projects.

The Appalachian Regional Commission is an economic development agency of the federal government and 13 state governments focusing on 423 counties across the Appalachian Region.