HINTON, WV (WVNS) – Construction is set to begin October 3rd on a new Middle School building in Summers County.

Right now, the old Hinton Middle School building is closed which means the middle and high school students are all sharing the same building. The setup is causing some overcrowding issues.

The new middle school building will be an add-on behind the high school, with hallways connecting the two buildings, Superintendent David Warvel told 59News.

But Warvel also said because of supply-chain issues, the project has been more expensive than anticipated and has taken longer to start than they originally planned.

“It’s exciting, but also a little cumbersome right now because we’re asking everybody to hang on for another 15 months,” said Warvel. “That’s the project target time to be done because we don’t know what’s going to be out there for materials.”

In fact, the project may have even been slashed entirely, if it were not for the West Virginia School Building Authority contributing millions of dollars.

“We’re thankful to the School Building Authority because they provided almost 12 million dollars to this project. It started out at eight million and now it’s bumped up to about 12 million and that is 100% funded by the School Building Authority.”

The target completion date for the new building is January 2024. The name of the new complex that will host both middle and High Schoolers, will be Summers County Comprehensive High School