Protect your pets from hungry Hawks this Spring

Summers County

During the Spring, young birds of prey are leaving the nest in search of for food. To a hawk, your small dog or cat looks a lot like dinner. Pets under 12 pounds are the most at risk.

Local bird expert, Wendy Perrone, said pet owners should be cautious, especially during the next few weeks. We’re encouraging people, if you have a small pet and you want to have it outdoors, to please stay with it and have it on a leash if you can, said Perrone. But certainly close to it because if it happens to be that day when Mr. and Mrs. Hawk are hungry and trying to feed youngsters they’re going to go for an easy meal.

It is illegal to harm or kill any raptor- such as and eagle or hawk- or their eggs. Doing so could mean hefty fines or jail time. 

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