HINTON, WV (WVNS) — For the past two years, Summers County High School has housed middle school students due to an emergency closing of the middle school building.

But, things are about to change.

Summers County High School broke ground on an extension that will help make students more comfortable. Principal Daniel Hudgins Jr. spoke on the issues the school experienced, along with how the extension will help relieve them.

“We currently have a lot of overcrowded classrooms, crowded hallways, limited restrooms,” said Hudgins. “And you know, having this addition is going to make it much more conducive to the educational environment and the safety of our students.”

The school made drastic changes to try and accommodate all of its students, like turning a library into an additional cafeteria. Summers County Superintendent David Warvel talked about what he hopes the students who attended the ceremony were able to take away from it.

“We wanted to let the kids know the importance of school and having the right facilities for the kids,” said Warvel. “we wanted them to all know, like, they are gonna be future Bobcats and this is the school you’re coming to cause all 3 elementary’s feed into this building and it belongs to all of them so we wanted to celebrate, as a whole county for their new school

Construction will begin next week and the extension will add 13 classes and a second gymnasium.

The project is expected to be finished by March 2024.