HINTON, WV (WVNS) – Folks in Summers County finally received some answers regarding the hole in the road on Route 20 in Hinton.

Joe Pack, of the West Virginia Division of Highways, announced at a press conference Tuesday that crews from Princeton, Lewisburg and Charleston will assemble a one-lane, temporary bridge around the hole in Hinton to ensure safe passage through the area. 

Construction will begin this weekend, November 19, and the road will be shut down for a day or so while the bridge is assembled.

“You will see as many DOH uniforms as you can imagine. The bridge we put together comes with somewhere between zero and infinity number of bolts, and we sit and attach every one, and it will be a fast process,” Pack announced.

The temporary bridge will have no tonnage limit, meaning it will safely support school buses and tractor-trailers. Pack admitted that it may be a tight turn for tractor-trailers turning right onto Summers Street, but says it should not present any problems.

“The Southernmost part of the bridge will be around the all-traffic sign,” Pack told 59News. “And the Northernmost part will be around the mailbox (of a nearby house).”

Pack also announced the DOH finalized plans on a four to six million dollar, long-term repair project that will repair the underground drainage system that originally collapsed, as well as the road.  The DOH is opening that project up for bid and hopes to have an agreement in place with a specialty contractor by the end of the year.

Hinton Mayor Jack Scott said he is excited to be able to announce short and long-term solutions to the community.

“We need to get this fixed,” said Scott. “It’s a minor inconvenience, the road is probably going to be closed this weekend, but they’re jumping on this quickly which is what we want them to do. So if folks will be patient with them and realize they’re here to help us.”

Engineers even say that after repairs are complete, the former Hinton Police Department building is expected to be safe to use again.