POINT PLEASANT, WV (WVNS) — The time for Mothman to come out of hiding for the annual 2023 Mothman Festival is creeping closer.

The Mothman Festival will be held in downtown Point Pleasant, WV on Saturday, September 16, 2023 and Sunday, September 17, 2023. It is the world’s only festival centered around this beloved West Virginia cryptid, and many people come to celebrate the mystery and history surrounding the Mothman.

Information about the red-eyed cryptid goes back to various sightings from 1966-1967, including parts of the legend that say the cryptid was seen the day of the Silver Bridge Collapse. But no matter where you are from or what parts of the legend you know, the Mothman Festival can be enjoyed by everyone.

Activities at this year’s festival includes multiple vendors, guest speakers, merchandise, live music, and more, and you can also visit places such as the Mothman statue and the Mothman museum for more cryptid fun.

Whether you know the legend or not, come out and get ready to have some fun at the only festival that celebrates this flying cryptid of the Mountain State.

More information about the event including prices for some events, parking, and places to stay can be found here or on the Mothman Festival Facebook page.