GHENT, WV (WVNS)– West Virginia’s blue and “old gold” state colors are well known throughout the state, but these colors were not official until a hundred years after we gained statehood.

According to The West Virginia Encyclopedia website, our iconic colors were not officially established until March 8, 1963, our centennial year of our statehood. So, the Mountain State went a hundred years until it was decided that the blue and “old gold” colors best represented our state.

Up until 1963, West Virginia University’s use of these colors was seen all over the state, and many considered the University’s colors as the states.

Similar to now, West Virginian’s love for WVU is imbedded deep into the state’s identity. WVU’s colors are the state’s colors as far as West Virginian’s were concerned, and when May of 1963 came around, the blue and “old gold” was officially made as the Mountain State’s colors.