(WTRF) The Ohio River is a 981-mile-long river that flows into 6 states, and according to American Rivers, it is on the most endangered rivers list.

The 6 states the Ohio River runs into and or borders are: Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri but Ohio runs through Missouri through the Mississippi River.

American Rivers ranked the Ohio River number two on the most endangered rivers list of 2023, with the Colorado River in, Grand Canyon Arizona being number one.

The publication said they used the following criteria from local groups and individuals to get their rankings: 1. The river’s significant to people and wildlife. 2. The magnitude of the threat to the river and communities, especially in light of climate change and environmental injustice. 3. A decision in the next 12 months that the public can influence 

American Rivers says the threat to the Ohio River is pollution and climate change and that clean water is at risk for 5 million people.

The full list can be found below:

  1. Colorado Rover
  2. Ohio River
  3. Peal River
  4. Snake River
  5. Clark Fork River
  6. Eel River
  7. Leigh River
  8. Chilkat and Klehini rivers
  9. Rio Gallinas 
  10. Okefenokee Swamp