RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WVNS)– It has been over a week since parts of Raleigh County were designated as unsafe to use the water from their taps. Since then, people across the state continue to visit stores to get their daily supply of water.

Clayton Norris said the past few days have been a struggle for him and his family.

“Well, it was rough trying to get jugs, stuff to carry water in going to different places. Going to Coal City, down to the fire department to get water and to roughing the house, coming home to stuff you got to take care of. It was just rough,” Norris said.

For local grocery stores, including Rick’s Supermarket in Glen Daniel, keeping up with the demand is difficult. 

The owners of Rick’s told us they have sold 10 pallets of water in the last week.

While some residents remain unsure of how long these conditions will last, others are hopeful.

Resident Deloris Baldwin said we must remain patient with water companies and their workers.

“We just have to be patient with the cold temperatures and everything that’s went on, there working hard, and we appreciate them” Baldwin said.

With more parts of Raleigh County continuing to get water restored, more and more residents are continuing to rely on patience.

All in the hope that the issue will be resolved in the near future.