TEAYS VALLEY, WV (WOWK) — Following a minor Sunday morning fire, Teays Valley Fire Department is reminding the public about how to do a safety check on gas-powered fireplaces.

Crews say they responded to a “small fire that burned itself out from a gas-powered fireplace.”

(Photo from Teays Valley Fire Department)

Officials say residents can take the following actions to ensure a gas fireplace is free of leaks or other risks:

  1. Open gas fireplace screens or doors to check for any foul smells;
    • Officials say a rotten egg odor (or similar smell) is a definite sign of a leak;
  2. Listen for hissing or whistling sounds;
  3. Check for any dust, dirt or other debris at the fireplace base;
  4. Look for dead or yellowed grass and plants near outdoor gas lines;
  5. Make sure to have safety screens, direct ventilation and carbon monoxide detectors.

Officials say residents should also have annual inspections performed.