CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Governor Jim Justice said he expects to have a report looking into allegations of wrongdoing within the top ranks of the West Virginia State Police at some point on Friday.

The report, prompted by an anonymous letter, was put together by the West Virginia Department of Homeland Security.

It is not clear when the contents of the report will be made public.

State Police Superintendent Colonel Jan Cahill, who was appointed by Governor Justice, has told 13 News that he doesn’t have faith that the investigation will be fair, calling the letter a “poison pen” letter and that some of its contents could have been easily explained to other state leaders.

Secretary of Homeland Security Secretary Jeff Sandy said in a statement that the former troopers, county prosecutors and other professionals take their responsibility very seriously.

During a public event Friday when asked about the investigation Governor Justice also said, “…and let’s all remember this, we don’t want to just you know throw people to the wind and everything, just to be doing it.   These people are absolutely our heroes in many, many ways and everything, because they are the first that we call, the first to come running when we need them, we don’t need to forget that, and everything, but if we’ve got some bad actors we will act on it and we will act on it immediately.”