CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) – West Virginia has the fourth most Christmas Spirit out of every state in the nation.

To determine which states have the most Christmas spirit, compiled 10 data metrics in two main categories: Christmas-themed online activity within the last 12 months and Christmas-related cultural markers.

They custom-weighted each metric at the percentages below to assign final rankings:

The ranking metrics were measured as follows:

  • Christmas-themed online activity, weighted at 78.5% of the total ranking
    • Google searches for two key terms, weighted at 29% (14.5% each)
      • “Christmas movies”
      • “Gingerbread houses”
    • Google Shopping trends for four key terms, weighted at 28% (7% each)
      • “Wrapping paper”
      • “Christmas cards”
      • “Christmas ornaments”
      • “Elf on a Shelf”
    • Christmas music streaming, weighted at 14.5%
    • Tweets about Christmas during the month of December 2021, weighted at 7%
  • Christmas-related cultural markers, weighted at 21.5% of the total ranking
    • Number of Christmas tree farms per capita, weighted at 7%
    • Charitable giving in the last documented tax year, weighted at 14.5%

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