PRINCETON, WV (WVNS)–A proposal to cap the potency of medical marijuana could do more harm than good.

The West Virginia Medical Cannabis Advisory Board met a few weeks ago to discuss a proposal to cap the potency of THC in medical marijuana to ten percent.

Adam Goers, the Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs with leading medical cannabis provider Columbia Care said what the board is doing doesn’t make sense.

“The science doesn’t back up the desire by some to move forward with that. Ultimately, we believe that this is a decision between patients and physicians and pharmacists,” Goers said.

The Board decided to table the proposal until their next meeting. Princeton’s Greenlight Dispensary General Manager Brittany Elmore said it’s disheartening to know the board isn’t taking this matter seriously.

She said she wants the Medical Cannabis Board members to talk to actual people who are taking medical marijuana.

“They need to talk to patients. They need to stop talking to other politicians, and pharmaceutical companies they need to see the real proof, and the real proof is my patients that walk in here and say that they are no longer on any opioids they stop taking their suboxone, they’re off of their pain killers and all they have to do is medicate with the medical cannabis,” Elmore said.

59News reached out to DHHR and the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board and did not receive a response.