GHENT, WV (WVNS) — A new study commissioned by Verizon and Nextdoor, led by revealed the states with the kindest neighbors in America and West Virginia is on the list!

The study included asking 10,000 people, from all 50 states, which kind acts they would do for their neighbors. Overall, the study revealed a surprisingly high capacity for kindness across America.

Here is the list full ranking and list:

Additional insights include:

●94% of people say they would return a lost item to a neighbor
●61% of people say they would forgive the debt of a neighbor
●41% of people say they would adopt the child of a neighbor who passed away
●The average American would give up $7.65 if that meant a neighbor got $10.
●Further, when asked what emotion or feeling they associate with their neighbors, respondents’ top scoring selections were ‘happy’ (63%) and ‘grateful’ (61%).

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