GHENT, WV (WVNS) — We live in a digital age where our information is just a click away — both to us and to hackers, and being vulnerable online can become disastrous quickly, so knowing how your state ranks when it comes to cyber attacks can help.

With the new report from SecureData that surveyed 2,335 people across the United States it is revealed that West Virginia ranks fifth in the least secure states. Some of the report’s key findings help attribute to the ranking.

52% of West Virginia residents check every permission related to a new app when they download it. About 57% of West Virginia residents use a unique password. About 68% of West Virginia residents use anti-virus software and 50% keep backup copies of their data in the cloud.

The report also ranks West Virginia as the number one state most vulnerable to data loss, so learning how to effectively backup your personal data could prove beneficial for you in the future.

Some of the factors that contribute to putting yourself at risk include: not using auto-generated passwords, not using multi-factor authentication, not backing up your data to a cloud-based server, not checking app permissions and using free wi-fi connections. It is important to use the right security measures so you can protect you, your device and your data.