GHENT, WV (WVNS) — West Virginia can be one of the most beautiful places to explore, but being alone with some of the most dangerous animals found in the Mountain State could mean trouble for the unaware traveler.

According to a study by, the following animals are the most dangerous in West Virginia:

Deemed the state reptile in 2008, the Timber Rattlesnake can prove to be deadly with just one bite. Thankfully these snakes are generally docile and give a fair warning before striking. It is most commonly found in the eastern part of the state in dry, mountainous regions.

The Black Bear is the West Virginia state animal and are generally a timid creature. While there has never been a confirmed Black Bear attack in West Virginia according to, keeping your distance from these ferocious animals in the woodsy areas they reside is always advised.

More common than the timber rattlesnake, the northern copperhead is almost as venomous and are known to bite more people than any other snake species in the United States. These snakes – with an actual copper colored head can grow up to three feet long and have hourglass markings around their body. Travelers through rocky and wooded areas be wary of these deadly snakes.

West Virginia has only two venomous spiders, the most dangerous being the black widow. Black widows prefer dark, cluttered areas to live in like basements and closets. They do not like moisture and prefer to be in dry places. Even though their venom is extremely strong, black widows rarely bite humans and are not aggressive.

Although they appear to be cute and fuzzy kitties, bobcats are deadly nocturnal predators. Bobcats can grow up to 45 pounds and are carnivores, with a few known to attack humans if given the chance. Bobcats live in woodsy areas across West Virginia and have about a 10-to-20-mile territory range. 

According to WVU Extension, coyotes have been in the Mountain State since the 1970s. Coyotes are very adaptable in what they eat and where they live; therefore, they have been able to easily expand into forested, agricultural, suburban and urban environments.

While you only have a 1 in 30,271 chance of being attacked if you live in West Virginia according to, knowing the dangerous animals and where they live in the Mountain State could save you next time you go exploring!