CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — West Virginia’s Congressional delegation continues to weigh in on the violence in Israel and the president’s response.

Israel is now saying more than 1,000 of its residents were killed in the Hamas terrorist attacks last weekend, and the White House confirms some foreign hostages, including children, have been killed by Hamas after Israel retaliated in Gaza.

Here at home, Congress is wrestling with what kind of additional aid to give Israel in the aftermath.

Democratic U.S. Senator Joe Manchin was in 13 News’ studios when President Biden addressed the nation on Tuesday and provided horrific details about the attacks.

“I mean when I first heard him report that they found children and babies beheaded. What human could do this? What was the rage or hatred in the person’s heart to be able to create these types of atrocities?” said Sen. Manchin.

Republican Rep. Alex Mooney also weighed in on the attacks.

“We would have agreements with Israel and other countries to be supportive of each other, at least with military supplies. They’re not asking for troops on the ground. But I do think as this continues, they may need to purchase some supplies from us and have intelligence support,” said Rep. Alex Mooney (R) West Virginia.

President Biden said he will call on Congress when it returns to provide additional military and financial aid to Israel, though no dollar amount has yet been specified. But he said Democrats and Republicans alike must stand together with Israel, despite their party differences.

Right now there is little Congress can do. The House has no speaker after the ouster of Kevin McCarthy, so there is no one to negotiate an Israeli deal just yet. There could be a key vote by Wednesday on who that new leader might be.