BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) – Main roads in the area are mostly clear after this weekend’s winter storm, but many secondary roads are still dealing with some lingering ice and snow.

Plow crews have been working around the clock to make the roads drivable this week, but some roads are still not clear.

Joe Pack of the West Virginia Division of Highways said this past weekend’s storm was particularly challenging for them to plow, due to the heavy winds blowing snow and ice back onto already cleared roads.

“In this storm, the high winds continued blowing snow back on to previously plowed and treated roads,” Pack explained. “Roads which we may have said ‘put a checkmark by route blankety-blank because I’m done,’ but then in a matter of a few seconds the road becomes covered again and we have to go back out and treat the road once again.”

Pack said that interstates are always the department’s number one priority, as they carry the most traffic. Side roads that see less traffic, are given less priority for being cleared immediately.