MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — After approving a resolution of no confidence in West Virginia University President Gordon Gee during its meeting on Wednesday, the WVU Faculty Assembly also voted in favor of a resolution to freeze the university’s academic transformation process.

In the past few months, the university has recommended that dozens of majors be cut from its academic offerings. Although the recommendations for several programs were changed after they were appealed, many students, faculty and community members have expressed disapproval of the changes being made, and hundreds of people attended a walk-out and protest about the program cuts on WVU’s Downtown and Evansdale campuses on Aug. 21.

A rally outside the Creative Arts Center was held before Wednesday’s faculty meeting with several people holding signs supporting the freeze or against the academic transformation.

During Wednesday’s faculty vote, a motion was made to allow Provost Maryanne Reed to speak regarding the resolution, but the motion failed.

The final results of the vote to freeze the academic transformation process were:

  • For: 747 votes
  • Against: 79 votes
  • Invalid: 9 votes

As a member of the faculty pointed out during Wednesday’s meeting, the language of the resolution only calls for a freeze of the academic transformation and does not mean that the program recommendations will be tossed out and voided.

When addressing the faculty during Wednesday’s meeting regarding the vote of no confidence in him, President Gee said the university leadership does intend to continue what it is doing, referring to the academic transformation process.

The resolution passing does not change or cancel the Board of Governor’s vote to finalize the recommendations on program and faculty cuts as part of the academic transformation which is scheduled for Sept. 15.

The full meeting can be watched on the WVU Faculty Senate’s YouTube page.

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