MORGANTOWN, WV (WVNS) — Today, July 27, 2022, West Virginia University released their updated COVID-19 guidelines for the Fall 2022 semester.

The first day of the semester, August 17, 2022, is right around the corner and students can refer to WVU’s new guidelines before returning back in the Fall. The guidelines focus on five major topics regarding typical COVID-19 related issues such as: vaccination, testing, reporting and isolation, masks, classrooms and research and finally pandemic information and resources.

WVU will not require students and employees to verify or update their vaccination status. Vaccinations will not be required, but are highly encouraged. WVU Medicine Student Health will continue to offer the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for WVU students.

WVU will not require COVID-19 testing prior to returning to campus and will not require students to report a positive test. WVU advises to follow CDC guidelines for isolation after receiving a positive test. Any student living in the residence halls must notify WVU Shared Services.

Masks will not be required on campus, but if a person contracts COVID-19-19 they must isolate for five days and wear a mask for an additional five days. While faculty and advisors may not require masks, they may share that they prefer masks be worn in their classrooms and offices. Virtual options for non-class office meetings are available for those not comfortable meeting without a mask.

WVU will no longer maintain a University-specific COVID-19 dashboard since data is available through the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources. Questions related to COVID-19 and WVU’s health and safety protocols can be sent via email to or by calling 304-293-6006.