PINEVILLE, WV (WVNS) – A local convenience store chain in our area is giving its employees that tool to save lives.

EZ Stop, a chain of convenience stores in Wyoming County, recently put all their employees through Narcan training to save people experiencing an overdose from opioids. On Tuesday, U.S. Attorney Will Thompson visited the Pineville location to praise the owners and employees who took the training. 

Angela Short, an employee with EZ Stop, recently had to use the lifesaving drug when a man overdosed at the Bud location.

“A customer came in and said a person had was laid out on the front porch at the Bud store and he was unresponsive.  So we administrated the Narcan, we keep it at all our stores and he come right out of it.”

Angela Short, EZ Stop Employee

“We’re all part of this community and we’re trying to save this community.  If it starts in Wyoming County that’s great I’d like to see this not only go into neighboring counties but counties across the state.”

Will Thompson, U.S. Attorney Southern District of West Virginia

Thompson also says Narcan is an important part of the battle against opioids because it saves lives.