The Wyoming County town of Mullens elected its first ever female mayor, and she has big plans for the community.

Jenny Ann Calhoun-Lusk has lived in Mullens her entire life. Before running for mayor, Lusk worked in the Wyoming county school system for 27 years. 

Lusk said Mullens is no longer the same town she grew up in, and she wanted to try and make a difference. Her goal is to unite the community and make Mullens a safer and more stable place to live.

“I wanted Mullens to be for my children and the other children, the place that I have memories of,” Lusk said.

Jenny Ann is a single mother of two and said it was her kids who encouraged her to run for mayor. She will be sworn in early next month.

Lusk said her first order of business as mayor will be to assess the town’s financial situation. She wants to put the street lights back on and replace them with energy efficient LED lights. Other priorities include, cleaning up the town and having a stronger police presence to hopefully reduce crime.

Lusk also said she wants to build a sense of community by putting on more family-friendly activities.

“I’m so excited now that I know that we can make changes for Mullens and put Mullens back on the path it used to be on,” said Lusk.

Lusk is ready to take on the challenge of being Mullens’ first female mayor and she hopes to inspire other women in the community to take on leadership roles.

“We can do anything, I was raised by a strong woman in a family of strong women and you can do whatever you set your mind to,” Lusk said.

Lusk already has plans to start a youth council in Mullens to teach kids about leadership and community.