UPDATE 6/28 7:30 PM

After recounting the votes, Pineville officially has a new mayor.

The recount did not change the outcome; Mike Kodak won the race, beating his opponent, Jason Smyth.

Kodak was officially sworn in on June 29. He will start working as mayor next week.

Municipal elections occurred in June across West Virginia. This year was no exception, but the race for who will take charge of the Wyoming County seat is a close one.

After a canvass was held of the ballots cast in the Pineville Mayoral election, there were only six votes separating the two candidates. Jason Smyth had 107 votes and Mike Kodak had 113.  

The close race led to a recount.  That will be held on Thursday, June 28, 2018 at 2:30 p.m. The recount will happen in the Council Chambers.