Local residents, business owners, and children gathered at Pineville Elementary School to witness the final work that will be shared with the world about their community. It is a marketing campaign made specifically for Pineville; created by students and Dr. Rita Colistra from the WVU Community Branding Initiative team, BrandJRNY.

“We’ve been working with Pineville for the passed seven months,” Dr. Colistra said. “We formed a Pineville branding committee with some town stake holders and community members to create a researched base branding plan to promote tourism opportunities in the town.”

In 2018, the American Electric Power Foundation awarded the WVU Reed College of Media a $250,000 educational grant to support BrandJRNY, so they could work with communities in the Appalachian Power Service area. Pineville was chosen for its strong community and government engagement, and its economic development and tourism potential.

Once chosen, Colistra and her students were in the town every other week throughout the fall and spring semester to learn about the town and interact with the people who know Pineville best.

“We did all of the research with the communities, we did a kick off event, three creative workshops, two round tables, three surveys of community members and out of town locals,” Dr. Colistra explained.

Now with a logo that idolizes Pineville’s small town charm, a slogan that reads, ‘All trails lead to home,’ a promotional video, apparel, social media, and soon to launch website, the team is hoping to attract ATV riders and those who are looking for some culture and adventure in the mountains.

Officials who live and breathe the community they live in, like Mayor Mike Kodak, are thankful for the hard work on an initiative that could change the future of their little town.

“They’re doing things that would take large amounts of work and money and resources that small towns like us don’t have to form these type of services,” Kodak said. “With this it will promote our town and show people what we have.”

This launch was an introduction to what the team has to offer. The BrandJRNY website for Pineville, along with their social and web campaigns will officially launch in March.