TURKEY CREEK, WV (WVNS) – Internet options in rural Southern West Virginia have always been a problem, but one local woman is speaking out about the issue.

Kelee Miller lives at the end of the left fork of Turkey Creek in Wyoming County. Shentel, the local cable service, ends their coverage several hundred feet from their home and five other homes nearby. The only option Kelee has for internet for her and her family is Satellite Internet.

Kelee said satellite internet is expensive and has a very small data usage limit. She also mentioned to run her business and for her kids to use the internet for homework she either goes to Pineville to use a hotspot on her phone or to her mother’s house who has Wi-Fi.  Kelee says Shentel told her there would be a significant cost to run a line to her and her neighbor’s homes. 

“I have to take my kids all the way to my mom’s house for homework and I work full time two jobs. So when I get home in the evening which is really late when I do get home, I usually have to pack them up, take them where I can either get service or take them to my mom’s house to be able to do their homework. The teacher would be trying to talk to him and he would be replying. But they would never hear him and he would get so frustrated and he would be like I’m here or he’d be trying to, you know, just get involved in whatever they were to the discussion they were having and he it would be so delayed that it would be you know, seconds minute later before he even was recognized.” 

Kelee Miller

A customer service supervisor with Shentel told WVNS that customers have to be within 300 feet of the current line to have Shentel service installed. The supervisor said beyond the 300 feet requirement there would be a charge to get service to a home but could not tell us how much that charge would be.