MULLENS, WV (WVNS) – A Wyoming County man is facing charges for reportedly concealing a dead body after a drug overdose resulting in death last week.

Last Thursday, September 15, 2022, Corporals J. Payne and E. Hoosier with West Virginia State Police (WVSP) responded to a report of a dead body being found. It was located at 3 Green Street in Mullens near Mullens Salvage. The body was called in to 911 by someone driving in the area with no other details.

The body was later identified as Jason Lawrence Goad.

Corporals learned that Goad frequently spent time with Penny Sue Biggs through mutual friends. A friend of Goad also added that Biggs was the last person he had contact with, getting into her car before he was found dead.

They went to Biggs’ home and found her husband Wallace Biggs and a friend there. He told police he didn’t know where his wife was and that she had left on errands earlier in the day. The Corporals found no sign of her there and searched elsewhere. The Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office had Mrs. Biggs in custody on an unrelated charge after finding her hiding in another area.

When the Corporals interviewed her, she told them that she had picked up Goad and then Mr. Biggs gave them money which they bought heroin with. She gave Goad the heroin that he smoked. When they were finished, Mr. Biggs drove them all home, passing by the junkyard, Mullens Salvage.

Mrs. Biggs made the following statement:

“I asked Jason was he okay, and he mumbled. I put power steering fluid in the car, cause hard to steer. After things was put away, I said Goad, Jason and no respond. I got out of the car and tried again and still nothing. I was scared, so I went to get him out, and pulled him out by his pants onto the ground. Then we left and went home. Wallace Biggs was with me, he was driving.”

Penny Sue Biggs

Wallace Biggs was charged with Concealment of a dead body and Interference with Officers or members, false information.