CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) – With open enrollment season underway, people are looking for opportunities to save on health insurance. In West Virginia, that will be more difficult than most other states.

A recent survey from Forbes Advisor showed 70% of employed Americans plan to spend more time reviewing benefit selections to make the most of their benefit dollars.

In some parts of the country, however, health care costs (i.e. premiums and deductibles) are higher and more residents have avoided medical care due to cost. So, which states tend to be more expensive when it comes to health care? 

Teams at Forbes Advisor analyzed 11 key metrics using data from the Kaiser Family Foundation and found that West Virginia ranks #3 among the most expensive states for health care. A map of the study’s full data can be seen below.

Here are more detailed findings for how each of the top 5 states ranks.

  1. South Dakota: The Mount Rushmore State ranked ninth highest for health care costs per person ($11,736) and had the third highest increase in health care spending per person over a five year period (24.38%).
  2. Louisiana: Pelican State residents with employer-provided health insurance pay some of the highest premiums in the nation. The average single employee pays $1,740 per year (the sixth highest amount in the nation), employees with plus one coverage pay $4,685 (the highest amount), and employees with a family plan pay $6,999.67 annually (the second highest amount).
  3. West Virginia: West Virginians with individual health insurance from the Affordable Care Act marketplace pay the fourth highest annual premiums in the nation ($8,024). Additionally, the Mountain State ranked seventh highest for overall health care spending per person ($12,019).
  4. Florida: Floridians with employer-provided family health coverage pay the highest annual premium in the nation ($7,079.33), and Florida residents were fifth most likely to report that they did not see a doctor in the past 12 months due to cost (14.87%).
  5. Wyoming: Adults in the Equality State were most likely in the nation to report an unmet need for mental health treatment due to cost and those with an individual health insurance plan from the Affordable Care Act marketplace pay the highest annual premium in the nation ($9,620).

See how the rest of the country stacks up in the full report, courtesy of Forbes Advisor.