BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)–The Safer Communities Act passed in June 2022 was celebrated by President Biden. One particular act incorporated in the bill is Red Flag Laws.

Red Gun Laws can allow law enforcement, family members, and in some cases co-workers to be able to petition a court to take away someone’s gun in the event they think they could hurt others or themselves.

This is a part of the Bipartisan supported Safer Communities Act.

Ronnie Wood, President of Flat Top Arms Inc. in Raleigh County said the government should find a fair way to check and see if someone should be able to have and keep their gun.

“I think we need some laws that are in mental health and the ownership of firearms. I think those laws should be designed by both sides that are both pro and against firearms to come up with a just and fair standard that it should be judged by,” Wood said.

Wood said he thinks there can be a way to make sure there’s no bias and to solve this problem the right way.

“If we have those who are guilty of endangering others, who threaten the lives of others severely that are known to be a problem, that the mental health doctors or physicians should have a requirement and just requirement to turn those people’s identity into the authorities…we need to know who they are,” Wood said.

This bill marks one of the most significant gun bills in the nation in 30 years.