CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) — When it comes to the holidays, traditions are always a big deal.

Whether it be eating food or spending time with family, there is always some type of holiday tradition that is near and dear to our hearts. 59 News was able to get some insight into what makes a holiday tradition.

One resident from West Virginia expressed that it comes from culture and background. “We [my family and I] have two that I started in my family when my kids were small that we adhere to every year. Everyone gets one present to open new years eve. It’s always pajamas to wear for Christmas morning. We also make Jesus a birthday cake on Christmas eve, we all decorate it, and on Christmas day after dinner we have Jesus a birthday party. We read the story of His birth from the Bible and sing Happy Birthday to Him. Then, we each give Him a present from our hearts. These are my two most favorite Christmas traditions and I hope my now adult children will continue them,” said Trish Glass.

A local resident from Virginia, Lindsey Paisley shared her tradition. “Whenever we went to West Virginia (and still do) during the holidays – skiing, hot apple cider, and hot cocoa, going to The Purple Fiddle in Thomas, WV!,” said Paisley ecstatically.

Another local resident from West Virginia, Joe Fitzwater said “Eating food and spending time with family,” is just another family tradition that he finds close to his heart.

Whatever family tradition you choose or grew up with, there will always be some type of meaning behind it.