WEST VIRGINIA (WDVM) — Just as he does before starting every Coronavirus press briefing, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice read the counties and ages of West Virginians who have died from the virus. But even after the authorization of the 4th COVID shot of Pfizer and Moderna by the FDA, he has this warning for West Virginians who still haven’t rolled up their sleeves for the shot.

“Over 65 one out of every 70 of you or us have died in this country now are you willing to take that chance?”

Governor Jim Justice

The Mountain State has reported its lowest active daily COVID case total since the start of the pandemic. On Tuesday, the DHHR reported 376 active COVID cases which is a decrease of more than 98 percent over the past two months. The DHHR also reported COVID-related hospitalization in the state has decreased by 85 percent since nearing peak capacity in early February. Patients in the ICU are down 79 percent and patients on ventilators are down 83 percent. Despite the drastic decrease of those COVID metrics, Governor Justice and health officials are warning that West Virginians should still be cautious of the virus.

“There’s really something to the herd immunity and but the very reason that I’m here reading the names and going through and urging people to go get their booster shots and everything else is that we can cut this number way down,” Gov. Justice said.

On Tuesday afternoon, the FDA authorized a fourth shot, or second booster, of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, offering another layer of protection for people over 50. But what does that mean if you received the Johnson and Johnson single shot? Coronavirus Czar Dr. Clay Marsh says you shouldn’t be worried.

“Through the omicron variant, what we’ve seen is Johnson and Johnson seems to have a much longer potency,” Dr. Marsh explained. “Even though it may not have been as good immediately as Moderna or Pfizer, it seems to have a much more prolonged function, and the potency has been maintained.”

The West Virginia DHHR is now offering a vaccination due date calculator which will tell you when to get your next COVID vaccine. To calculate when you are due for your booster, please head to the DHHR COVID-19 Vaccine page and scroll down to the vaccine calculator.