BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — A special panel of grand jurors indicted Natalie Cochran in the 2019 death of her husband, Michael Cochran.

An original charge, earlier this year, was dropped so state officials could test Michael Cochran’s body.

Raleigh County Prosecuting Attorney Ben Hatfield said recent testing shows Michael Cochran was poisoned with insulin. Hatfield alleges Cochran killed her husband when he became suspicious she was operating a Ponzi scheme.

Cochran pleaded guilty to charges related to the Ponzi scheme and is serving a federal sentence.
“Ms. Cochran is in federal prison,” Hatfield said on Thursday, October 26, 2023. “All we have to do is write a letter and send it to FCI Hazelton, where she is lodging, and detain her.”

Hatfield said all of the defendants face a similar process.

“Once the individuals are taken into custody, they will have arraignments scheduled,” he said. “What an arraignment is, it’s a formal court hearing where the defendant comes to the Raleigh County Circuit Court, to the judge they’ve been assigned to, and they will enter a plea, so they enter a ‘not guilty’ or a ‘guilty’ plea.”

Larry Webb was also indicted, for 2000 murder of ten-year-old Alex Carter.

Webb is of advanced age. In August, his caretaker, who has since died, said Webb suffers from dementia.

“It’s my full intention for him to be treated as any other defendant,” said Hatfield. “He’s not in a medical situation that would require him not to be treated like any other defendant.”
Hatfield said the two remaining defendants, Daniel Johnson and Terrance Battle, must be apprehended.