ATHENS, WV (WVNS) — With midterm elections less than two weeks away and the start of early voting yesterday, are people actually going out to vote?

Midterm elections aren’t always the most noted elections, but they could influence the flow of national politics. These elections are held in the middle of a presidential term.

Since this isn’t a big election year, the turnout could be lower, especially with younger voters. At Concord University, Valerie Williams is a first-time voter.

Williams decided she wanted to vote in the midterms this year because she wants to have her voice heard.

“I’m choosing to vote to help get somebody in office that will actually help out the community and overall just help people in general,” Williams said.

Junior Tyrell Blair and Senior Nathan Lockhart say they have voted before.

Blair said he cares more about the local government because it’s where he lives.

“I’m more like a state and local guy. So I’d rather have my community be based on how I feel it should be run and how it should be better in some ways,” Blair said.

Lockhart is stressing the importance of getting young people out and to the polls.

“A lot of young people like around our generation just doesn’t really know the importance of voting. And I feel like getting your voice out there and just voting for who you believe is the best candidate for your community is the best way to go by and how to become a productive citizen and how to provide to your society,” Lockhart said.