Why teens should consider trade school


OAK HILL, WV (WVNS) — Most teens are constantly encouraged to attend college.

But if you are like Brian Kent, an HVAC student at Fayette Institute of Technology, sitting in a classroom for four years just is not for you.

“My first two years it was English, psychology, economics. Things that I didn’t care about and it was just a waste of money and time for me, it seemed like,” Kirk said.

Kirk decided to change his career path, and attend a trade school after leaving the military. It is a path that not many choose, but really should consider.

Baby boomers are saying goodbye to their careers in trade to retire. But college admission rates are increasing, and less teens are choosing a trade education.

Now teachers, like Charles Shumaker from the HVAC program at the Fayette Institute of Technology, are trying to recruit new students, and there is one big reason.

“College isn’t for everyone and you can acquire a lot of debt,” Shumaker said.

Trade schools are a lot cheaper than college, and in most cases, the jobs that require a trade certification pay just as much as jobs that require a degree.

“They hear you got your license, they know that you do good work, you’re not sloppy and you’re not going to burn their house down, they’ll pay you what you ask for. They’ll pay you twenty dollars an hour, easy,” Kirk said.

According to Adecco, 62 percent of trade firms are struggling to fill skilled trade positions. Making it the perfect time for students, like Parker Holiday, to enter the workforce.

“This is free. You’re learning a trade. A lot of the jobs out there will pay a lot of money, even in a trade field, for you to do this,” said Holiday.

So if essays and history lessons are not for you, you may want to consider trade school your next move. And even if you do well in school, spending money on college may deter you.

“May not do so well at home schools and like more hands on things. Sometimes these schools are their last chance. They may have a little trouble passing. Not all the students. We have some students that are very high level learners here that also do very well,” said Shumaker.

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